Dutch Optics Centre

Dutch Optics Centre is an initiative of TNO and TU Delft aimed at boosting Dutch industry in the field of optics and optomechatronics by increased utilisation of Dutch science through joint R&D. The Netherlands are unique in the field of optics and opto-mechatronics, with a leading position in science and industry.

The Dutch Optical Centre is thé national centre in the field of optics and opto-mechatronics.

The unique reasons for joining us:
- Top technology and the best experts in one place
- Access to worldclass facilities (among others nanolaboratory Delft)
- Big network; international, national and regional
- Different types of financing possibilities
- Highly experienced professionals; organizational, legal and financial


July 12, 2017

ABN-AMRO: Dutch industry sees the light with photonics

The ABN-Ambro bank wrote a report about new opportunities in the ‘photonics’ sector. It gives an exposition of the current status of the market, and insight into new key technologies, and a number of recommendations for the stakeholders into the Dutch photonics sector. Besides being a interesting report to read, the report also mentions Dutch Optics center in a positive light.
July 12, 2017

Laser World of Photonics

From June 26th to June 29th, 2017 Dutch optics centra was present at the Laser World of Photonics (www.world-of-photonics.com). This is the largest photonics trade fair in the world: 32000 exhibition visitors from 90 countries, with about 1300 exhibitors. In addition, the accompanying World of Photonics Congress with 3,500 visitors is an important event, which contributed to various DOC colleagues through posters, chairs and presentations. At the invitation of and together with PhotonDelta we represented the Dutch Fotonica landscape. Many PhotonDelta companies had a place in the stand (Smart Photonics, Bright Photonics, Phoenix Software, Jeppix, Lionix Nanolab @ tue,). Furthermore, the companies Optics11 and VTEC, the industry association PhotonicsNL and the government RVO were present.
parallax background

We, TU Delft and TNO, will align our research topics to those of the industry to stimulate participation and enhance usage of the research results by industry. This way industry can make use of excellent research teams and research facilities. We believe that by collaborating, we can create a stronger Dutch optomechanical research ecosystem that benefits both industry and science.

Dutch Optics Centre is committed to strengthen the competitiveness of Dutch companies by enabling and supporting co-creation of new products in different consortia within the research ecosystem. Think of co-research, co-design, and co-production. Our goal is to ensure a continuous flow of innovative optical and opto-mechatronic products by the Dutch industry.