November 15, 2016

Dutch Optical Centre at Festival van de Toekomst

'I didn't know this was possible yet' said one of the visitors. She was amazed by the compact technology presented at the Dutch Optical Centre stand.

October 27, 2016

Presentation files 19th of October: Launch Dutch optic centre

Read all the presentation files that where being used during the official launch.
Not all presentations are available yet.
October 19, 2016

Industry and knowledge institutions join forces in Dutch Optics Centre

Dutch companies in the optical manufacturing industry can strengthen their position in the global market by joining forces in a consortium with research institutes and the government. Therefore TU Delft and TNO launched the Dutch Optics Centre today. Some 20 industrial SMEs are involved in the initiative, six of which are now also a partner in joint R & D projects. The city of Delft, the Province of South Holland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs support this initiative.

September 16, 2016

High resolution detection of acoustic waves by integrated optical ring resonators

An optical ring resonator applied on a membrane acts as a microphone for acoustic waves.
September 14, 2016

19th October 2016: Launch Dutch Optics Centre

Location: TNO Delft

On Wednesday, October 19th the launch of the consortia will take place.

September 14, 2016

Optical design with free forms and graded index materials for compact imaging systems

Within DOC, the capabilities and tools for designing and facilities for manufacturing free forms are sustained by the partners.
September 14, 2016

Beam shaping for high-resolution imaging and sensing

An open facility for shaping beams in terms of polarisation, ampltude and phase is under construction; it will be used as technology demonstrator for high-resolution imaging or sensing
September 14, 2016

Scatterometry for the detection of sub-wavelength features

The angular distribution of intensities and polarisation of light scattered by an object help to detect its small features.
September 14, 2016

Phase sensitivity to improve imaging and sensing

Retrieval of the aberrations of an optical system enables image sharpening
June 24, 2016

Human breath analysis by laser spectroscopy

Human breath analysis offers a platform for new non-invasive medical diagnosis.
May 27, 2016

Nearfield Instruments: A breakthrough in semicon metrology

Nearfield Instruments will deliver atom-scale resolution metrology solutions at industry-level throughput.
May 26, 2016

OCT 3D profiling sensor: improving quality and yield

TNO has developed an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) sensor. This 3D sensor will enable yield improvement and maximizes quality of the production process.
May 25, 2016
Optical feeder link

Optical feeder link for satellite communication

There is a growing market for satellite communication systems. Optical Feeder Links offer terabit/second throughput, with unmatched low cost per bit, secure and immune from jamming and interference.
May 25, 2016

NanoMefos: Non-contact freeform measurement

Fast, non-contact metrology tool for high-accuracy measurement of refractive as well as reflective optics.