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July 12, 2017
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September 5, 2017

ABN-AMRO: Dutch industry sees the light with photonics

Dutch industry sees the light with photonics

The ABN-Ambro bank wrote a report about new opportunities in the ‘photonics’ sector. It gives an exposition of the current status of the market, and insight into new key technologies, and a number of recommendations for the stakeholders into the Dutch photonics sector. Besides being a interesting report to read, the report also mentions Dutch Optics center in a positive light.
"An example of successful collaboration is The Dutch Optics Center (DOC) in Delft, an initiative From TNO and TU Delft. This knowledge platform focuses On the development of new optical and photonic Instruments, in close cooperation with existing Photonic companies and the manufacturing industry. The knowledge and Facilities that TNO and TU Delft are rich in are included comes in handy. The DOC is guided by concrete Questions from the end-user market. Technology pull, Is called this. So there is clearly a case of one Complete chain approach: from existing knowledge institutions And companies, to end users of New optical instruments and devices."
And as an example in the field of cooperation:
"Entrepreneurs: more intensive cooperation our market research shows that Dutch photonics companies have a strong impact on foreign customers directed. As a result, the competition in the Netherlands is low and can be the whole value chain Worked together. This applies not only to businesses, but also to support initiatives such as Dutch Optics Center and PhotonDelta. Nevertheless, it is important that it is even more clear and communicated. If Umbrella association welcomes PhotonicsNL to further collaborations. Participate jointly events like Photonics West in San Francisco and Laser World or Photonics in Munich are one of the ways to pull together."