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June 19, 2016
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June 29, 2016

Human breath analysis by laser spectroscopy


Human breath analysis by laser spectroscopy

TU Delft

Adonis Reyes Reyes
Researcher Optics Research Group


Human breath analysis offers a platform for new non-invasive medical diagnosis. In the Optics Research group of Delft University of Technology we developed a laser spectrometer that can detect changes in the composition of exhaled breath. Our prototype uses the absorption fingerprint of molecules in the mid-infrared and is able to identify molecular concentration changes in the order of parts per billion. We use it to study diabetes type 2, ketoacidosis, asthma and cystic fibrosis.

Usage Option

The next step in the development of a commercial breath analyzer is to miniaturize its components. For this reason a partnership with industries in the semiconductor sector is of foremost importance. Approach with industries specialized in healthcare devices and medical research centers will allow us to identify relevant medical applications and niche markets.

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