13-15 September | Semicon Taiwan
September 13, 2016
Scatterometry for the detection of sub-wavelength features
September 14, 2016

Phase sensitivity to improve imaging and sensing


Phase sensitivity to improve imaging and sensing

TU Delft

Paul Urbach
Optics Research Group


A light wave is characterized by its amplitude, phase and polarisation. Traditionally intensities are measured. However, the quality of imaging and sensing can be substantially improved by information about the phase. With active elements such as Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs) and Deformable Mirrors (DMs) to generate diversity, and in combination with new algorithms, phase information can be reconstructed.

Usage options

Possible application: Imaging without lenses (e.g. for X-ray imaging), High quality imaging with low quality components as applied in mobile phones, imaging with extreme focal depth, aberration measurements and corrections (e.g. Lithography application), and improved sensitivity in scatterometry (e.g. particle and sub/wavelength feature detection)